The Board comprises of two appointed directors and six elected directors, one of whom is the Chairperson

To achieve the Strategic Plan's short-term and long-term objectives the Board has adopted the following strategies:

  • Leading, unifying and governing Taekwondo for all participants
  • Growing participation in all forms of Taekwondo
  • Engaging, valuing and developing our people and culture
  • Ensuring commercial growth and financial sustainability
  • Excelling in high performance

Raffaele Di Renzo


Appointed 7 October 2017. Raff is a lawyer with over 17 years experience in legal practice.

Gillian Savage

Appointed Director

Appointed 10 October 2018. Gillian has over 30 years experience in public and private sectors, including senior executive government roles, in strategy development, governance and managing change.

Hassan Iskandar

Elected Director

Appointed 22 October 2016. Hassan has a diploma in management and marketing and 15 years experience in sports administration. He also holds special responsibilities as MNA President.

Simon Lew

Elected Director

Appointed 22 October 2016. Simon holds the position of Clinical Advisory Chairman and Dentist in Charge at HCF - Australia's largest Not For Profit health insurer.

Jean (John) Kfoury

Elected Director

Appointed 7 October 2017. John has diplomas in Business Management, Security and Risk Management, and Property Management. He also holds special responsibilities as the MNA Secretary General.

Caroline Marton

Elected Director

Appointed 7 October 2017. Caroline has a degree in Political Science and an honours degree in Politics. She is also a former Olympian having represented Australia in Taekwondo at Rio 2016.

Graeme Hartnett

Elected Director

Appointed 5 September 2019. Graeme is a manager at KPMG working within Deals, Tax and Legal team. He has assisted organisations with compliance, due diligence, business strategy, employee engagement and cost minimisation strategies.