The Executive have the day-to-day responsibilities for managing the Company and hold specific executive powers conferred onto them with and by the authority of the Board.

Heather Garriock

Chief Executive Officer

Heather is responsible for the entire operations of the Company and reports directly to the Chairman and the Board. As CEO she has responsibility for implementing Board decisions and initiatives and maintaining the smooth operation of the Company. Heather is also Company Secretary and Board Secretary.

Hugh Eagling

Customer Services Manager

Hugh has primary responsibility for memberships and membership systems, member insurances, Kukkiwon certification processing, merchandise and liaison with the WT for matters relating to the Global Management System.

Karim Dighou

Coaching Director

Karim has responsibility to build a taekwondo performance culture and lead and direct the High Performance system and pathways. He also has responsibility to develop and direct a team of Australian coaches to deliver the National Training Program, and work with coaches, athletes and the AIS to achieve a sustainable pipeline of high performance athletes and coaches.

Ben Exton

Participation Manager

Ben has responsibility for the development of Taekwondo participation in Australia and fostering relationships with clubs to enhance their capability and capacity, including implementation of Taekwondo into the national sporting schools program. In addition Ben is also responsible the Company's media and communications services.

Ali Khalil

Performance Pathway Lead

Ali is responsible for the delivery of a sustainable performance pathway to identify and develop able and para-athletes to achieve future podium results. His role also extends to supporting and developing our coaching network to increase their expertise and capability.