Notice To All Members

Australian Taekwondo's Anti-Doping Policy has been amended and is effective 10 August 2020. The changes bring our sport in line with the establishment of Sport Integrity Australia which will replace the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) as the National Anti-Doping Organisation in Australia from 1 July 2020. The changes which come into effect on 10 August 2020 are: • Replacing the words Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) with Sport Integrity Australia (SIA); • Replacing CAS with the National Sports Tribunal (NST) as the first-instance hearing body for all athletes and the Appeals Division of the NST for appeals for ‘non-international level’ athletes. • Amending the definition of ‘National Level Athlete’ to introduce the Lower-Level Athlete category to allow greater flexibility in dealing with and sanctioning athletes below International or National level; and • Removing the Anti-Doping Rule Violation Panel.

Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement

Concussion affects athletes at all levels of sport from the part-time recreational athlete through to the full-time elite athlete. Australian Taekwondo endorses the Concussion In Sport Australia Position Statement.

Kukkiwon Black Belt Certification

In Australia the World Taekwondo Federation only recognises Kukkiwon Certification through us.

Kyorugi Referee Accreditation Courses

Referee Class upgrades, refresher and Entry Level courses scheduled in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

We are the national organisation representing Taekwondo in Australia.

Australian Taekwondo support members of all levels to reach their
highest potential, whether it be their enjoyment of the martial art
or with their competitive achievement.


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