#TryTaekwondo and discover the benefits of martial arts

Taekwondo is, at its core, a martial art about respect, discipline and self-control. Taekwondo students learn to be respectful of others, be patient in stressful situations and defuse situations before they escalate to a physical confrontation.
As both a sport and martial art, Taekwondo enhances everything from self-discipline to physical fitness and can help you in both mind and body by delivering the following benefits. 

• Boost self-confidence
• Improve self-control
• Increase perseverance skills
• Reduce stress
• Enhance flexibility, strength and stamina
All of this starts in the training hall or Dojang in Korean
Taekwondo schools (clubs) blend dynamic and fun filled martial arts classes with life sills programs, teamwork drills and social interaction building strong, confident and resilient leaders in the community.
Although Taekwondo is one of the most technologically advanced martial arts in the world, it is the break from ever increasing screen time that people find the most benefit.
Social skills and working together are essential elements of Taekwondo curriculums all over Australia.
Taekwondo allows students to meet new people, interact with other students from all walks of life and become more well balanced and cultured human beings.
Taekwondo focusses much more on Kicking than other martial arts. Although grappling, boxing and self defence skills are all taught, the Koreans believed that kicking was the most beneficial skill to master given the size and strength of the legs.
Because kicking and moving those big strong muscles requires so much energy Taekwondo has become known for its transformational effect on physical fitness as well as the oxygenation (growth) of young brains.
Taekwondo offers a pathway for students interested in competition at Olympic level. In Australia we have a rich history of producing amazing results at International events including the Sydney Olympic Games (2000) and the Tokyo Paralympic Games (2020)
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