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Australian Taekwondo is committed to providing programs that benefit the entire Taekwondo community. Our programs also encourage those of all abilities to Try Taekwondo and engage in a physical activity that benefits their quality of life.


Australian Taekwondo is committed to providing programs that benefit the entire Taekwondo community. Our programs also encourage those of all abilities to Try Taekwondo and engage in a physical activity that benefits their quality of life.
Taekwondo Kickstarters provides a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for kids to learn and experience the many benefits of Taekwondo, making it an ideal choice for children to explore martial arts.

Delivered by accredited Australian Taekwondo coaches, the program ensures that children receive quality instruction and a safe environment for learning martial arts.
Expand physical literacy
Active sessions that keep the body moving
Promotes social and emotional health
Supports anti-bullying and wellness
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Program benefits 

Taekwondo Kickstarters is Australian Taekwondo's Schools Program which runs as part of the Australian Sports Commission's Sporting Schools.To learn more about how to get your school or child involved in Taekwondo Kickstarters, please contact us.

Taekwondo is a martial art that involves a wide range of movements, including kicks, blocks, and stances. Through Taekwondo Kickstarters, children can develop their physical literacy by improving their coordination, balance, agility, and overall body awareness.
Participating in Taekwondo Kickstarters can have positive effects on a child's social and emotional well-being. Learning and training together in a group setting fosters teamwork, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. Additionally, setting and achieving goals in Taekwondo can boost self-confidence and self-esteem
While Taekwondo Kickstarters is modified for the school environment and emphasises fun, it still introduces students to basic self-defence techniques. This knowledge can be empowering and useful in equipping children with safety skills
Engaging in Taekwondo sessions during school hours provides an excellent opportunity for children to be physically active. Regular physical activity is crucial for maintaining good health, and Taekwondo provides a dynamic and enjoyable way to achieve this.
Taekwondo places a strong emphasis on discipline, respect, and empathy towards others. By instilling these values, the program can help create a positive and respectful school environment, thus supporting anti-bullying efforts. Moreover, Taekwondo's focus on overall wellness can encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle
The program aims to be inclusive, welcoming children of all abilities and backgrounds. By embracing diversity, Taekwondo Kickstarters promotes an environment of mutual respect and understanding among students.

Information for Clubs & Coaches

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Gives kids a fun first taekwondo experience that gets students moving.
Creates a strong attachment to the martial art.
Offers an attractive taekwondo program for schools that aligns to curriculum outcomes.
Creates a consistent program experience by supporting coaches with easy-to-deliver lessons and supporting resources.
Provides affiliated taekwondo clubs additional income from sessions delivered
Provides affiliated taekwondo clubs across Australia the opportunity to engage with schools and transition participants into community clubs.
Access administration support from Australian Taekwondo to help you set up and connect with schools in your area.
What is Taekwondo Kickstarters?
The Taekwondo Kickstarters program is a modified taekwondo program, developed by Australian Taekwondo, for delivery in schools. The program is designed to create a level of consistency with respect to curriculum and content to provide schools and participants with a quality taekwondo experience that can be delivered and enjoyed nationally. Features of Taekwondo Kickstarters includes:
A nationally accredited framework to help delivery in the schools system.
A safe, fun and inclusive program for all school students.
Learnings for children from P-6 in the fundamental skills and values of taekwondo, specifically those with minimal experience in the martial art.
Alignment with the Australian Curriculum.
How is Taekwondo Kickstarters run?
Taekwondo Kickstarters is an easily delivered program that can be modified to suit the needs and convenience of individual schools. The framework of the program includes, but not limited to:
6 lessons of approximately 45-60min per lesson that is adaptable to suit individual school requirements.
Each lesson consists of a warmup, fun games and technique development. All activities have been designed to cater to students of varying abilities and ensure maximum participation.
Emphasis is placed on the teaching of positive student messages including wellness and health themes.
No specialised equipment is needed to deliver the activities - all that is needed is cones!​
Who can deliver Taekwondo Kickstarters?
Taekwondo Kickstarters is delivered by accredited Australian Taekwondo coaches. All coach accreditation and compliance is managed by Australian Taekwondo. 
When can Taekwondo Kickstarters be run?
Taekwondo Kickstarters can be run before, during, or after school. Lesson plans have been designed to be flexible to allow alignment with the needs of individual schools.
Where can Taekwondo Kickstarters be delivered?
Taekwondo Kickstarters can be delivered in any open space, either indoor or outdoor.

Information for Clubs & Schools

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