Individual Memberships

We've provided the answers to some commonly asked questions about our individual memberships.
Your membership not only benefits your local club and state association but also contributes directly to the development of Taekwondo in Australia. 
Joining an affilaited club offers a fulfilling opportunity to engage with your community, forge new friendships, enhance physical and mental well-being, boost confidence, alleviate stress, and enjoy a great time!
No, you can be a member and just enjoy participating, training and the camaraderie of your club. 
For those seeking an extra challenge, consider upgrading to a National Athlete License. This upgrade grants you exclusive access to state and national competitions, reserved solely for Australian Taekwondo affiliated club members.
Safe, fair and inclusive sport is for everybody. Clubs who join Australian Taekwondo have undergone various governance compliance checks, which are encouraged by the Australian Sports Commission and Sport Integrity Australia to help foster a safe, fair and sustainable national sport sector. Our club checks are in place to keep members safe and ensure that anyone who walks through the doors of an affiliated club is treated respectfully and fairly. 
What does this mean?
When a club affiliates with Australian Taekwondo, they are affiliating with an organisation that has business checks and governance structures in place that are of a national and world standard. When you visit an Australian Taekwondo club and see an affiliated club flag or window sticker you can rest assured that the club operates to certain safety and professional standards. 

Memberships Levels & Inclusions

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All membership options are valid from December 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024.
Australian Taekwondo's prices and inclusions have remained the same as they were in 2023.

Basic Membership 
  • Sold directly through your club. Find your nearest club here.
  • All individual members join at this level of membership
  • Basic membership is for club training and club events only
  • Members can upgrade their membership to access state and national events
  • Includes Personal Accident Insurance coverage for normal club activities
  • This membership is also applicable to referees from affiliated clubs

Please note: Affiliated clubs will add additional fees and service charges in line with their business operations. 

National Athlete License  |  $30.00
  • Sold through Australian Taekwondo
  • A competition add on for athletes
  • Individuals must hold a basic membership to add a national license. 
  • Includes access to state and national events and programs
  • Includes Personal Accident Insurance coverage for state and national events and programs

To help support our state associations, a percentage of the National Athlete License fee is directed back to the relevant state to support grassroots development.

Officials & Referee Membership  |  $ 40.00
  • Sold through Australian Taekwondo
  • For officials who are non-club members
  • Allows you to referee in state and national events
  • Includes Personal Accident Insurance coverage at events only
National Volunteer Membership  |  Free
  • Sold through Australian Taekwondo & your club
  • For individuals who volunteer at their local club, state, and/or national events
  • Available to club members and non-club members
  • Includes Personal Accident Insurance coverage at events only
  • Individuals must commit to supporting volunteer opportunities at state and/or national events. This includes supporting your local club events.
Virtual Membership  |  Free
  • Access to Australian Taekwondo's Centre of Excellence
  • Access to TKD10 and learn Taekwondo from anywhere.
  • Access education and training for coaching and refereeing and para programs.
  • Available through Australian Taekwondo only
  • For individuals who want to learn Taekwondo from anywhere
  • Available to club members and non-club members

Please note: Payment may be required for some programs. We recommend you seek professional health advice when starting or changing any exercise program.

Sold through
Full membership of AUSTKD
Eligible to enter National Events
(as a competitor)
Eligible to attend National Events
(as a non-competitor)
Eligible enter State Events (as a competitor)
Eligible to attend State Events (as a non-competitor)
Eligible for National Pathway Programs
Eligible to attend State Training
Access to online coaching & referee training
Access to online Athlete Development
20% discount on AUSTKD merchandise
Accessable via our membership portal
Access to AUSTKD Partner Discounts. 
Accessable via our membership portal
Access to Virtual Taekwondo programs TKD10 & Combat Kids
Visit the Centre of Excellence
Access to monthly AUSTKD e-news
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