Understanding the Complaints Process

Safe, fair and inclusive sport is for everybody. As a National Sporting Organisation (NSO), our responsibility is to advocate for and inspire actions that uphold ethics, safety, and fairness. 

Australian Taekwondo takes all complaints seriously and ensures they are handled with utmost importance. Our formal complaints procedure is crucial to document, listen to, and address each complaint appropriately and in accordance with national policies. 

Please ensure that you review the two complaint options below in terms of “who” handles your particular complaint – Sport Integrity Australia or Australian Taekwondo. Further, familiarising yourself with the relevant Policy information before you lodge any complaint.


Complaints handled through Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia oversees Taekwondo's independent complaint-handling process under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy. Any complaints submitted about Australian Taekwondo will be managed independently and reviewed by SIA integrity experts.

If your complaint relates to one of the following five (5) Policies, please direct your complaint to Sport Integrity Australia using the contact button provided. You will then be presented with a form to complete. Please review the relevant Policy information before you lodge a complaint.


The five core policies of the National Integrity Framework (NIF) are:

1. Child Safeguarding Policy
2. Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
3. Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy
4. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
5. Member Protection Policy

Complaints handled through Australian Taekwondo

Australian Taekwondo is committed to being a transparent, safe, and fair sport for everybody. Our Policies set out the rules, rights, responsibilities and standards of behaviour expected by those involved in Taekwondo.

Australian Taekwondo aims to respond to complaints as quickly as possible. However, review and investigations take time in which we ask for patiences while the process to resolve a complaint is undertaken. When you lodge a complaint with Australian Taekwondo, a copy of your complaint will go directly to Australian Taekwondo’s Integrity Manager, and a receipt of your submission will be emailed to you. Please check your spam folders if this doesn't appear in your inbox.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your complaint, please contact our National Integrity Manager via email. 

If your complaint relates to one of the following four (4) policies, please direct your complaint to Australian Taekwondo using the button provided. Please ensure you have reviewed the relevant Policy information before you lodge a complaint.

1. Codes of Conduct
2. Personal Grievances Policy
3. Social Media Policy
4. Privacy Policy
We acknowledge that our office is spread across many traditional lands, and we pay respect to all traditional owners of these lands and elders past and present.