Nomination Policy  &  Selection Guidelines for Olympic Taekwondo

The details on this page are revised as information is verified by the  Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia. Although Australian Taekwondo proactively conveys updates through email and our online platforms, we urge athletes, coaches, and clubs to routinely visit this page for crucial updates and insights pertaining to Olympic and Paralympic Taekwondo. If you are not receiving communications from Australian Taekwondo, kindly review your email spam folder.

Senior Kyorugi  | Guidelines & Policies 

Senior Kyorugi
2024 Paris 
2028 Los Angeles
2032 Brisbane

Senior Kyorugi  | Mandatory Events

Australian Athletes wishing to be considered for selection to the Australian Team for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Taekwondo must compete in the events listed below. 

The events below are classified as mandatory events under the Nomination policy. Links to these events can be found below. This falls under clause 6.12 (a) of the Nomination Criteria Paris 2024 Olympic Games Taekwondo. The nomination policy can be found above and under our policies page.

Senior Kyorugi | Selection Timeline -  Paris 2024

Further information will be provided closer to January 2024 in relation to exact dates, timing and who will be communicating selection/non-selection information. 
*Australian Taekwondo and CombatAUS' intention is to provide clarity around the Olympic selection process. All final decisions are subject to the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC).

Senior Para Kyorugi | Eligible Events

For senior K44 Class Para Kyorugi athletes, the World Taekwondo Paralympic requirements are the participation in three (3) World Taekwondo G Ranked Events prior to the Olympics to be eligible for Paralympic selection. There are currently three (3) eligible events in Australia for athletes to consider entering.

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