Taekwondo is for everybody - come join in!

Taekwondo is an ideal sport for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. Not only does it foster a strong body, increased fitness,and improved coordination, it also promotes focus, confidence, and friendship. The principles of taekwondo extend into all aspects of life, with the discipline and mindfulness developed in the dojang also helping us to live purposefully and respectfully in all parts of our lives.


Taekwondo dynamic coach/athlete duo awarded Australian Sports Medal

24 October 2023

Winning an Australian sports medal is no easy feat. The national award, bestowed upon those who exhibit sporting excellence, is an incredible achievement for any athlete in a competitive and high-achieving sporting nation like our own. Even more remarkable and rare is to see both a coach and an athlete win the award simultaneously. 

International Classifier Course set for June and July.

16 May 2023

World Para-Taekwondo will hold its International Classifier Courses in June and July, and Australian Taekwondo is encouraging affiliated clubs and coaches to engage in this opportunity.

Jack Arrah: An inspirational athlete who has defied the odds  

1 February 2023

Dearne Arrah still pinches herself when she watches her son, Jack, compete in Para Poomsae events. Sometimes it’s hard to believe just how far he’s come since he found Taekwondo. 

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Improves muscle tone, strength, and stamina
Promotes confidence and self-esteem
Improves flexibility, agility and sharpens reflexes
Improves ability to focus and concentrate
Encourages leadership skills, self-discipline and reduces stress levels

With Taekwondo you will…

Build your physical strength, endurance, and coordination, in a fun, friendly environment set up to support everyone’s success. If you’ve got physical therapy goals, taekwondo is a fun, motivating way to help reach them. Many members of the disability community have found adding taekwondo to their specialist therapies to be really powerful.
Meeting people and making friends isn’t always easy. When you join a Taekwondo studio, you become part of a diverse family that supports you as you work towards your goals, and celebrates with you when you achieve them. Not only will taekwondo make you stronger and fitter, interacting with such a broad range of people makes taekwondo excellent for developing and practicing communication skills too.
Show yourself what you’re made of. Taekwondo doesn’t just build physical strength and skills, it also builds discipline, focus, self-respect, and spirit.

Everybody’s taekwondo journey is different.

What will your journey look like?

Set your own goals with the support and guidance of an experienced coach
Train in a group environment, where everyone’s doing the same thing as you – striving to achieve their personal goals. No competing against each other, no comparisons, no time pressure
Be part of a supportive, respectful team
Taekwondo programs can be adapted as needed - because taekwondo is for everybody!
Taekwondo is for JACK

‘I’ve come a long way’ - Jack Arrah

Jack started learning taekwondo when he was just five years old. Back then he found it very difficult to learn sequences, struggled with communication, and had mobility issues – but none of that mattered, because at Taekwondo, Jack found his happy place. He found friends, a community who supported him, and a sport he loved. He’s worked hard over the years, and is now a respected athlete who’s represented Australia at the Oceana Taekwondo Championships, and has competed in the Inas Games in Brisbane. Now he’s working towards the Virtus Games in 2023. He says he loves taekwondo and training with his friends.

Taekwondo is for Dearne

‘If you give things a go, anything’s possible’ - Dearne, Jack's Mum

Jack’s mum, Dearne, says she saw Jack ‘bloom’ when he began learning Taekwondo all those years ago, and that the sport has played a powerful role in his overall development. She says that taekwondo has helped Jack learn to remember and follow instructions, nurtured his unwavering positive attitude, and has taught him the self-discipline needed to moderate his behaviour. But even more importantly, she says taekwondo has given Jack an incredible sense of belonging, accomplishment, and achievement.

Taekwondo is for JANINE

‘The thing I like most about taekwondo is that it’s my personal journey…Whether you have a disability or not, taekwondo focuses on the student. It doesn’t focus on the ability, it doesn’t focus on the disability, it focuses on the person’ - Janine Watson - Paralympic Bronze Medallist

Janine Watson first tried taekwondo when she was 25, just after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With an athletic background filled with sports like tennis and netball, martial arts was a whole new experience – and one that she fell in love with straight away. She found a natural talent for taekwondo that was fostered and developed by the amazing support network of coaches and friends she found at Hartmann Taekwondo. She soon started competing in competitions and quickly became a decorated athlete. The pinnacle of her career so far is representing Australia at the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020 - the first Paralympics to include taekwondo as a medal event. Winning the bronze medal in her category made her the very first Australian to win a Paralympic medal for taekwondo.

Taekwondo is for EWART

‘I find that training with individuals and the diversity of different people you see, young, old, disabled, able-bodied…and mutually building bonds and improving together – I find that really wholesome and enjoyable - Ewart – Taekwondo student

When Ewart came along to a taekwondo class in 2018 with a friend, he was already pretty fit and active. But that one class hooked him straight away, and he’s been dedicated to the sport ever since. He says the most important influence taekwondo has had on his life has been its impact on his ability to connect with people. A self-professed introvert, Ewart says taekwondo has made it easier for him to engage with and help others, and that he’s become more confident to try new things in all aspects of his life. Ewart's advice to anyone curious about taekwondo? ‘Get out there and train!’

Taekwondo is for BREE

I can do the same things as anyone else can – it might just take me a little longer’
Bree – Taekwondo student

When Bree first tried taekwondo at the age of 26, she was hoping to learn some new skills and get stronger – but she got a lot more than that! As someone with CHARGE Syndrome, Bree lives with balance issues, scoliosis, and a congenital heart problem. She says that the best thing about taekwondo has been learning to control her balance, and is proud to say she can now confidently stand on one leg. Her overall strength has increased, and she says the wide range of people she’s met through taekwondo has given her loads more confidence when it comes to meeting new people in her everyday life. In her words? ‘It’s taken me out of my shell!’
Bree believes that anyone can do taekwondo if they put their mind to it, and especially encourages anyone with balance issues to give it a go.

Taekwondo is for TALLULAH

‘This good feeling I get about myself from doing this activity and this sport – if other people could have that? Fantastic’ - Tallulah – assistant instructor

Tallulah has been an assistant coach for inclusive taekwondo classes since 2017, and it’s a job she’s deeply passionate about. She believes that inclusive classes are important for everyone involved, because everyone learns from each other’s experiences, and everyone celebrates each other’s improvements. Tallulah loves helping her students to break through barriers and challenge expectations by carefully adapting her instructions to suit each individual and their capabilities. She says taekwondo is fantastic for developing strength, flexibility, and balance, but is also hugely beneficial for mental health, stress management, and developing a strong sense of self-awareness.

Taekwondo is for DARRYL

‘It’s great to see in a class, individuals participating together with respect and recognition’
Darrel Sparke – Taekwondo master instructor and coach, and member of the disability community

Back in the late eighties, a young Darryl Sparke agreed to accompany a nervous friend who wanted to try their first taekwondo class. That day, Darryl says he fell ‘madly in love with the sport’ and he’s never looked back. He’s now a master instructor and coach, who’s passionate about inclusivity in the dojang and encourages people of all abilities to give taekwondo a go. You see, Darryl is a member of the disability community himself, having lost the lower part of his right leg when he was just five years old. He’s an incredible example of dedication and success, and he says that taekwondo has expanded his physicality and horizons, and given him unique skills and attributes that he wouldn’t otherwise have had.

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