Australian Taekwondo Policies & Guidelines 

Australian Taekwondo has adopted Sports Integrity Australia's National Integrity Framework to protect the integrity of Taekwondo in Australia and ensure a safe, fair and healthy environment for participants at all levels. The National Integrity Framework sets the standard of behaviour accepted within our sport at all levels and applies to clubs, athletes, members, coaches, referees, volunteers, parents, and employees. 

Sitting alongside the National Integrity Framework are Australian Taekwondo's policies and information relevant to the Australian Taekwondo community. To understand how Australian Taekwondo implements its policy frameworks, please click here to see the eight (8) step process.  

We ask that anyone involved in Taekwondo takes a moment to review all the information provided below.

Event Selection Policies 

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National Integrity Framework

The National Integrity Framework sets out the requirements and responsibilities of Australian Taekwondo in relation to binding members, volunteers and contractors to the framework and reporting policy breaches to Sport Integrity Australia and other agencies.
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Child Safeguarding Policy

The Child Safeguarding Policy sets out the process for responding to and reporting child abuse allegations and details child safe practices which need to be adhered to.
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Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy

The Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy prescribes prohibited conduct in relation to improperly altering the result or the course of a sporting activity, betting on a sporting activity or disclosing inside information to obtain a benefit.
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Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy

The Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy has been designed to ensure sport integrity related complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively and that all involved in Taekwondo have confidence that prohibited conduct will be managed via the most appropriate resolution and discipline mechanism. Click here if you are seeking information about how to lodge a complaint. 
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Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

The Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine policy seeks to protect the health and wellbeing of athletes and mitigate the risks to sport of the misuse and administration of drugs and medicine in the sporting context. To find out what commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medicines are permitted or prohibited in Taekwondo, please click here.
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Anti-Doping Policy

The Australian Taekwondo Anti-doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy. This policy is effective from 1 January 2021 and can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia website. All members, participants and non-participants in the sport of Taekwondo are bound by these rules. To find out what commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medicines are permitted or prohibited in Taekwondo, please click here.
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Personal Grievances Policy

This Policy has been adopted alongside the National Integrity Framework to establish a formal process for Members and other individuals engaging with the sport of Taekwondo to resolve interpersonal conflicts and disputes that arise in the context of their involvement in Taekwondo, but do not involve a breach of an Integrity Policy.
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Member Protection Policy

The Member Protection Policy sets out expectations and behaviours to ensure everyone involved in Taekwondo is treated with respect and dignity. The policy deals with prohibited conduct that is defined as abuse, bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct.
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Selection Appeals Policy

Selection Appeals Policy sets out the Selection Appeal process to be applied in respect of the selection of all Australian Taekwondo Teams.
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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy states how Australian Taekwondo collects, handles and processes the data of its customers and visitors.
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Social Media Policy

Our Social Media Policy outlines the protocols and expectations of members and affiliates in our community to ensure safe, fair, and respectful conduct when engaging on social media.
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