18 December 2018

LEAP SURVEY! Help Lauren Burns Research

18 December 2018

Taekwondo Olympic gold medallist, Lauren Burns is currently researching the link between lifestyle practices and high performance in elite sport, as part of her PhD at RMIT University. 

Following her recent research highlighting the importance of lifestyle, relationships, psychological and performance factors in elite sport, Lauren is conducting a national survey of elite athletes.  She now needs your support to ensure as many athletes as possible within your sport complete the survey so that the results are relevant to you.

This research will produce information that will assist you and your athletes plan for future success. For more information see attached NSO information sheet.


 - Please forward the letter from Lauren (containing the link to the survey) to all athletes within your sport who have competed at State level or above, in the past 10 years. The letter can be found HERE and information sheet HERE.

 - Please contact Lauren Burns via email (laurenburns8@icloud.com) to provide the number of athletes who fit this criteria. This will allow the researchers to calculate a response rate and determine how representative the sample is. 

Thank you for your support in assisting the success of Australian athletes.

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