29 April 2020

New Podcast Packs a Punch

29 April 2020

Australian Taekwondo Talk (https://redcircle.com/shows/australian-taekwondo-talk) is a new podcast series that will introduce you to many of the great characters, elite performers and wise leaders from across the country.

It’s the perfect Taekwondo “fix” for those nights at home wishing you were training at the club; and soon enough, for the commute to train.

The first episode features the astonishing story of a remarkable human; amputee athlete, speaker, community advocate, Taekwondo Master, father, son and self-described “Believer in the Nature of People”, Darrel Sparke.

Darrel lost his leg in an horrific accident when he was just five years old but has lived a remarkable life of outstanding achievement.

His wisdom is inspirational and when you hear his story, you will never forget it.

“My life in Taekwondo has been a journey of challenge and discovery,” Darrel says.

“The essence of the experience is sharing that journey, the challenge and discovery with my Taekwondo family. 

“And I can’t wait to discover all the personal stories in our Taekwondo Community. 

“I hope you will share that journey with me too.”

The podcast is hosted by multi-award-winning broadcaster Aaron Kearney and has been driven by Australian Taekwondo Participation Manager, Ben Exton.

“One of the best things Taekwondo offers us is a sense of community,” Ben says.

“Social distancing and isolation have taken community contact away from us and left a hole in our lives.

“Australian Taekwondo is working hard to make sure everyone gets back on the mat as soon as possible, but in the meantime, there is the chance for us to come together – virtually.

“Even when we are in full swing, it can be hard for someone from WA to get a sense of the Taekwondo community in Victoria, or the big-city clubs to know what is happening. 

“This is another way of bringing us together.”

Aaron is excited by the potential to introduce new people to Taekwondo.

“Those of us who love Taekwondo know why it is so fantastic,” Aaron says.

“But I’m hoping the Taekwondo community can share the podcast with friends and family who’ve never had anything to do with martial arts and the great characters and stories will help them understand and help us grow.

“Plus, I just love talking to interesting people and learning from them and about them.”

The podcast series is supported by Ageless Taekwondo - a Move it AUS initiative funded by Sport Australia - the program that supports better ageing through Taekwondo and at the end of each episode, you will learn more about the program and how you, or someone you love can get involved.

You can listen HERE or through iTunes, Spotify or your preferred podcast provider. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

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