18 October 2022

Australian Taekwondo launches Inclusion Campaign

Australian Taekwondo is excited to launch its Inclusion Campaign, which highlights how Taekwondo is the perfect sport for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities.

As a sport that involves striving to achieve personal goals, rather than competing with your counterparts, Taekwondo provides a supportive and encouraging outlet for all.

Participants learn new skills in a friendly group environment without worrying about comparisons with others or time pressure.

Australian Taekwondo’s Participation Manager, Ben Exton, said the campaign will show the powerful impact Taekwondo can have on participants of all backgrounds and interests.

“This campaign has been a long time in development and a major part of taking Taekwondo forward in Australia and ensuring we provide the benefits of Taekwondo to anyone who wants to be involved,” Mr Exton said.

This includes members of the disability community, who have found that the physical strength and endurance Taekwondo provides can complement their specialist therapies. It also expands their self-confidence as well as their sense of personal achievement and belonging.

Physical exercise is important for anyone with a physical or neurological condition and Taekwondo provides one of the most well rounded and safe options for developing overall strength and fitness

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Bronze Medallist Janine Watson welcomed the launch of Inclusion Campaign and noted how empowering Taekwondo can be for participants with a disability.

“The thing I like most about Taekwondo is that … whether you have a disability or not, Taekwondo focuses on the student. It doesn’t focus on the ability, it doesn’t focus on the disability, it focuses on the person.”

Under the guidance of experienced coaches, Taekwondo classes and goal setting can easily be adapted to suit each individual athlete’s abilities and needs.

The sport’s dynamic combinations of punches, kicks, blocks and throws, help athletes increase their flexibility, agility and cardiovascular fitness. These are vital attributes for their health and wellbeing beyond Taekwondo.

Mr Exton explained that Taekwondo not only fosters a strong body, increased fitness, and improved coordination, but also promotes focus, confidence, and friendship.

“The comradery at each club and the greater Taekwondo community is like family and provides a great support network for anyone following their goals, whatever they be.”

Learning within a diverse community that share similar interests helps Taekwondo athletes to establish important social connections as well as improve their communication and leadership skills. The core values of discipline and respect that are instilled within this environment also help them to succeed in many other aspects of their lives.

That’s why it’s the world’s most popular martial art, with over 70 million practitioners.

For more information on Australian Taekwondo’s Inclusion Campaign, or If you’d like to chat with someone who’s already on their taekwondo journey, you can visit the official campaign page.

If you’d like to find out more about Taekwondo, check out the Australian Taekwondo site.

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