17 October 2022

Become a National Para Classifier

17 October 2022

Australian Taekwondo has partnered with two Australian based para-classifiers to offer training to become a qualified national classifier for para-taekwondo athletes. 

Growing our national classifier personnel is an integral part of our strategic direction as we work to develop para-taekwondo. Becoming a classifier will help us support states with access to more classifiers, providing greater accessibility for para-athletes to engage in para-taekwondo.

Those who nominate will be valuable in Australian Taekwondo's ability to engage with the para community and provide para-athletes (who seek to compete) with more significant opportunities in the competitive field. 

­The course is open to those who have the following prerequisite:­­­­
­Medical classifiers
Must have a medical qualification, e.g., doctor or physio + taekwondo knowledge

Technical classifiers
Must have an exercise science qualification, e.g., bachelor of exercise science/physio etc + taekwondo knowledge.
­­Date: Friday, December 2, 2022
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Bendigo Arena.
Cost: Covered by Australian Taekwondo (morning tea and lunch provided)
­­9am - 3pm - Practical aspect of the course
3pm - 5pm - Observation of athlete classification
 Theory aspect of course will be done online beforehand. This information will be advised shortly.
­Upon passing the course, the candidate will be qualified in the following:
AT Level 1 national classifier (either medical or technical, depending on what they applied for).

Please note: 
Qualification is only recognised by AT and Paralympics Australia.
Participants must complete a WT Level 1 National Classifier Course if they wish to become an International Classifier. 
­Please email Ben Exton participation@austkd.com.au by October 22, 2022

In the application email, please outline: your personal details, your education background (e.g. qualification level and area, science, doctor etc) and your motivations for wanting to complete the classifier course.

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