19 January 2023

Olympic Selection Guidelines per International Opens

19 January 2023

Olympic Selection Guidelines per International Opens - Defined G Ranked Open - Subject to AOC Approval

Australian Taekwondo recognises from past experience that in considering performance from international competitions that G2 events vary in standard and difficulty to a wide degree.

This has resulted in some athletes in previous years spending funds on pursuing competitions that would not illicit high consideration by selectors.

To this end pending approval from AOC, Australian Taekwondo has determined that designated Defined G Ranked Open- International Opens will be the priority consideration in the G2 section of event results considered by selectors. This also allows athletes to better target the utilisation of their finances should they pursue Olympic Selection.

These Defined G Ranked Open will be in conjunction with Mandatory Competitions as per previous noticeWhile Mandatory competitions are necessary for selection consideration - Defined G Ranked Open participation is the choice of individual athletes to which and how many of these they determine to target.

However as previously stated this allows Athletes to better target their individual campaigns. Additionally mandatory competitions are all in Australia to allow easy access for all Australian Athletes and to ensure a level of head to head competition is a component of selection consideration.

The full selection policy will be published when the approval process through the AOC is complete. However, in the interest of planning purposes for athletes we have determined to give notice of the proposed events for the information of Athletes and Coaches.

Mandatory means an event that is a mandatory event for athlete participation to be eligible for consideration by the Taekwondo Selection Panel in clause 6.9 in determining the selection of athletes under this policy unless Clause 7. Is applicable. 

Defined G Ranked Open means competitions designated by Australian Taekwondo as International Open Competitions that may be utilised by the Taekwondo Selection Panel in clause 6.9 for the consideration of athlete performance. 

(a) Other than those designated competitions specifically named in this policy as Defined G Ranked Open’s Australian Taekwondo will publish details of designated Defined G Ranked Open with a minimum of eight (8) weeks’ notice.

6.9 Factors to consider:

(a) the Athlete’s performance during the Qualification Period at specific National And international events.

The following competitions will be the competitions considered with relation to this clause:

  • 2023 World Championships
  • 2023 Grand Prix events
  • 2023 Grand Prix Challenge

Mandatory Events

  • 2023 Senior World Championship Selections
  • 2023 National Championships
  • 2023 Australian International Open
  • 2023 Oceania Presidents Cup

2023 Defined G-ranked Open events

  • Designated Open Events
  • US Open
  • Dutch Open
  • Belgium Open

2024 Defined G-ranked Open events:

  • Designated Open events

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