29 June 2023

Australian Taekwondo recognised as a world leader in business & corporate governance by World Taekwondo

World Taekwondo has recognised Australian Taekwondo as one of six leading Member National Associations for best practice governance after receiving an A1 rating in the world body's governance review of 213 International Federations.

Announced at the General Assembly in Baku earlier this month, World Taekwondo officially commended and congratulated Australian Taekwondo after the results of its 2022 good governance survey were released.

"This rating was a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment of Australian Taekwondo towards promoting and maintaining the highest standards of governance and furthering the development of Taekwondo," said Secretary General of World Taekwondo, Jeongkang Seo.

Over the last two years, Australian Taekwondo has focused on transforming its governance and policies to be of global sports standard and providing its stakeholders with structure, process, and robust operational frameworks. 

"We're very proud to be recognised as the top country in terms of our business, governance and regulation requirements. The Board and Executive Team have worked incredibly hard to transform the administration of Taekwondo in Australia and implement policies and regulations that reduce risks and safeguard our members," said Australian Taekwondo President, Jean Kfoury.

"Regulations are not there to control or hinder; they are there to provide a framework of fairness and protection for the integrity of the sport and martial art," he added.

Australian Taekwondo's Chief Executive Officer Heather Garriock, who, together with Australian Taekwondo President Jean Kfoury, received significant praise from World Taekwondo at the General Assembly, is thrilled to see the Association's transformation to become a leader in corporate business and governance for National Member Associations.

"We are delighted with this outcome as we strive to be the safest martial art in Australia. It is pleasing to see other countries now looking to Australian Taekwondo as a best-practice model in professional standards. This is an enormous achievement and something we and our member clubs should be incredibly proud of, even though there is still more work to do. It has been a team effort and we have achieved this together."

"When clubs affiliate with Australian Taekwondo, they are affiliating with an organisation with business checks and governance structures of a national and world standard. When someone visits an Australian Taekwondo club and sees an affiliated club flag hanging on a wall, they know that club operates to certain safety and professional standards."

"An A1 rating gives new and current members peace of mind that when they join an Australian Taekwondo affiliated club, the club meets approved safety and governance checks nationally and globally. As a parent, I'd want to know that my child attended a fully compliant affiliated club for the safety and wellbeing of my child."

Each year, Australian Taekwondo supplies its clubs with an affiliation flag to hang in their Dojang and a digital affiliation logo as part of their affiliation pack. To learn more about club affiliation, please click here.

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