The Kyorugi Referee Committee is a policy development committee that assists the Board by providing guidance and advice on policy and operations in relation to the Kyorugi Referee Program and how the Program can continue to evolve to be best practice through continuous improvement.

The committee has responsibilities in the following areas:
Administer and manage all referee training, qualifications and accreditations of Kyorugi Referees.
Maintain a register of Kyorugi Referee qualifications and accreditations.
Ensure that accredited Kyorugi Referees maintain their professional status through continuous education and officiating.
Develop and maintain national Australian standards for Kyorugi Referee training at all levels.
Facilitate selection of Kyorugi Referees for national level tournaments, national team selection tournaments and nominate Kyorugi Referees for international level tournaments.
Continually monitor updates of the WT competition rules and ensure these rules or those rules that are accepted as modified Australian competition rules are practiced and implemented.
Standardise competition rules and interpretations across Australia, ensure that each State follows and adopts as the national standard the rules and interpretations as provided by the WT and disseminate the interpretation of the rules to coaches.
Represent the interests of all Kyorugi Referees and provide advice on strategic issues, competition rules and interpretations or any other appropriate Kyorugi Referee matters.
Provide confidential support services for Kyorugi Referees in association with the Company and relevant committee.
Maintain portfolios which will be co-ordinated by a member of the Committee:
International liaison
Kyorugi Referee Education, Certification and Accreditation
Kyorugi Referee mentoring and retention
Women in Refereeing
Marketing and Sponsorship
Sally Bound
Sally also has responsibility for Referee Accreditation and Certification
Diego Chiriff
Diego has responsibility for Marketing and Sponsorships
Jenny Crutchett
Jenny also has responsibility for International Liaison
Rebecca Green
Rebecca has responsibility for Women in Refereeing
Wayne Mahoney
Wayne has responsibility for Referee Mentoring, Recruitment and Retention
Ali Rahimi
Nichola White
Nikky has responsibility for Referee Education
We acknowledge that our office is spread across many traditional lands, and we pay respect to all traditional owners of these lands and elders past and present.