What is the Fighting Falls Program?

Fighting Falls is a modified program that is accessible, affordable and implemented in a community setting. The program has been designed to holistically aid in the prevention of falls and improve the health of Australians over the age of 65 in a socially appropriate environment.

When delivered effectively, Fighting Falls will:
​ Modify Taekwondo exercises to improve balance, coordination, cognitive development and general health/fitness in a welcoming and safe environment.
Provide a Taekwondo program that is adaptable to a broad range of ability and fitness levels including mobility and illness issues.
Engage and support local communities through councils, service clubs, health/fitness centres and retirement homes.
Create a platform to repeat national and state health messaging for older Australians.

How is Fighting Falls run?

The focus of Fighting Falls is to create a physical and social experience that is suitable to each participant and delivers on their purpose of participating. Guidelines for the program are outlined below:
All new participants can be tested to establish a baseline level of their strength and or balance which will be monitored throughout the program. This also ensures that any participant risk-factors are identified to ensure suitable exercises are prescribed.
The duration of sessions will usually be between 30-45 minutes.
Modified exercises will be undertaken with a particular focus on ensuring that exercise constraints and intensity are tailored to suit each participant.
Participants can pay by the session, with the recommended price of the program being $5 per session. Speak to your accredited coach for more details regarding payment.

Why would I participate in a Fighting Falls program?

There are a number of reasons why older Australians get involved in the Fighting Falls program including:
To gain the great health benefits that the program focuses on including falls prevention, cardiovascular/musculoskeletal health, and social/psychological wellbeing.
You may have been referred by a health professional to be involved in the program to increase physical activity levels in a controlled environment.
To enjoy the social benefits of participating in a group training environment.

Where can I find Fighting Falls?

Fighting Falls is delivered by accredited coaches at various venues including:
Taekwondo centres
Health centres – e.g. exercise physiologists
Fitness centres – e.g. personal training programs or group fitness sessions
Aged care facilities
Community settings
To find your nearest Fighting Falls program, please send an enquiry via the Contact Form.