Australian Taekwondo Seminars comprise a series of expert-led sessions scheduled throughout the year. Sessions will encompass theoretical insights and hands-on practical applications. Engaging discussions will encourage participants to relate these concepts to their coaching practices and to critically assess their relevance within the context of Taekwondo.

The target audience for these seminars are all High Performance coaches who are working in clubs, state or national programs.
These sessions are being provided free of charge for current accredited coaches as part of their 2023 membership.
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The recognition, appreciation and use of the talents and skills of all athletes and staff of all backgrounds.


High performance environments are by nature experienced and seen as exclusive, where athletes and staff meet strict criteria for selection and de-selection. But what if these often unforgiving and relentless competitive sport environments were being navigated by inclusive coaches and coaching behaviours? 

Inclusion as a lens and inclusive behaviours offer coaches new tools, approaches and mindsets in the delivery of high performance. It has the potential to increase the ability of a coach to fully engage with the person and the performer, increase the degree they tailor, personalise and individualise their work with athletes and teams and make better decisions based on insight, not assumptions or stereotypes.
An inclusive high performance coach would know and understand their athletes and staff as people (a focus on who is producing the performance) and as performers (a focus on what performance needs to be produced).

A coaches ability to form genuine working relationships, where they trust, respect, believe, commit and work collaboratively with their athletes, staff and wider networks or ‘relational coaching’ is at the heart of effective, successful and inclusive coaching. Relational coaching has also been proven to be a significant factor in increased and continuous sport participation, for successful and rewarding sport experiences and is ‘an active environmental factor’ that can have significant effects on athletes’ developmental trajectory in sport.


The Inclusive High Performance coach modules will support Taekwondo coaches to intentionally focus on the way they form and maintain professional relationships and networks over the long term and how these relationships serve themselves (Module 1: coach-self relationship), their athletes (Module 2: coach-athlete relationship) and their sport, team or club (Module 3: coach-network relationships). 

Each module is 1.5 hours and will be delivered online by a facilitator. Each session builds on each other and will introduce practical tools, models and frameworks to support coaches to apply their learning back in their coaching environments.

Mon 4 Sept

Group briefing

Coach briefing about the Inclusive HP Coach Program 

Mon 11 Sept

2:00PM - 3.30PM

Module 1: Coach-Self Relationship

This module will explore the concept of self and how a solid understanding of self supports the high performance coach with a lens to manage their relationships with others. Topics include the role of a coaching philosophy, values, beliefs, communication fundamentals, emotional intelligence and emotional regulation.

Mon 25 Sept

2:00PM - 3.30PM

Module 2: Coach-Athlete Relationship

This module explores the concept of developing and managing high quality coach-athlete relationships as a key performance enabler. Topics include understanding the learning cycle and learning styles, emotional agility and how to have challenging conversations.

Mon 9 Oct

2:00PM - 3.30PM

Module 3: Coach-Network Relationship

This module explores the concept of engagement and facilitating dialogue to build healthy relationship systems in our teams and the role it plays in performance. Topics include, how to create psychological safety for athletes and staff, giving quality feedback, building trust and conflict management strategies.
Across all modules coaches will be asked to reflect on the most effective ways in which they can take up their role, what they bring to the coaching arena and ways to navigate the pressures and complexity of high performance.

Darlene Harrison


Darlene is a performance consultant with over two decades experience immersed in elite sport and high performance coaching and people roles in Australia, the UK and NZ. Previous roles have included executive roles at the Australian Institute of Sport and Head of Coaching at UK Sport and brings extensive experience of working with diverse groups across multiple sports including Olympic, Paralympic and professional football codes. Her interest lies in working with the developmental potential of people individually and collectively in groups, teams and organisations with a focus on high performance coaching, leadership and team dynamics.


If you have any questions regarding these sessions, please contact Australian Taekwondo via email to admin@austkd.com.au
Please note, sessions are live and won't be recorded. 


The Physical Preparation Seminar Series is an expert led set of seminars which will be delivered across the month of June.
Topics being discussed will include fundamental and contemporary physical preparation, warm up and recovery on competition day and enhanced understanding of integrating gym sessions leading into competition. The sessions will involve theory and practical application, interactive discussion to understand what this might mean for you coaching practice and to challenge application specific to Taekwondo.

Part 1
June 5, 2023
Physical Preparation, warm up and recovery on competition day – what does it look like?
Competition day preparation, warm ups and recovery across the day.
Part 2
June 12, 2023
Physical Preparation, warm up and recovery on competition day – what does it look like?
Challenging applications to TKD – interactive discussion.
Part 1
June 19, 2023
Enhanced understanding of integrating gym sessions leading into competition
Factoring in the gym - in the daily training environment (DTE) and leading into competition (across weight divisions).
Part 2
June 26, 2023
Enhanced understanding of integrating gym sessions leading into competition
What does this mean for TKD and your coaching practice – interactive discussion.

Professor Christian Cook

Christian is a world leading academic, researcher, author and applied practitioner with over 40 years’ experience working in high performance environments in medicine and sport. His interest in the physiology and neurobiology of stress led him to work across a number of Americas Cup Yachting campaigns, rugby world cups as well as several summer and winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Andy King

Andy is a world renowned surf coach. He coached Mick Fanning to three world titles and helped him navigate the highs and lows throughout his illustrious career as well as household names such as Julian Wilson, Taylor Wright and Gabriel Medina. He brings a highly relational approach to coaching and mentoring and getting the best out of every surfer he works with. This approach has made him successful across different cultures, high performance settings and sports.

Dr Ben Serpell

Ben is a highly experience physical preparation practitioner and academic who has worked in elite and professional sport both in Australia and overseas. He works with the Geelong Cats Clubs in the AFL and other clubs and teams include Gloucester Rugby, Port Adelaide Power, Brumbies Rugby and the Wallabies as well as individual athletes in Olympic sports. His research career has been focused on sports injury prevention and more recently exploring stress and human behaviour in sport and other high performance environments.

Darlene Harrison


Darlene is a performance consultant with over two decades of experience immersed in elite sport and high performance people roles in Australia, the UK and NZ.
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