Medical Advisory Committee

The Australian Taekwondo Medical Advisory Committee is dedicated to serving in the best interests of members by recommending measures to the Board and executive team that align with medical standards to ensure the safety and well-being of members.

The Committee has responsibility for making recommendations to the Board in the following areas:

Medical Advisory Committee Members

Dr Joseph Tamer

National Team Doctor / CMO

With over 25 years of experience in emergency and general practice medicine, as well as serving as the chief medical officer for AUSTKD. In addition, Joe has practiced sport taekwondo for over 40 years and received multiple wins under his 7th Dan black belt. Joe provides exceptional medical service and opinion.

Tony Su

Vice- Chair / Secretary / National Medical Manager
Excited to serve as Vice-Chair/Secretary of the Australian Taekwondo Medical Advisory Committee and National Medical Manager. With over 20+ years of experience and having established the NSW Taekwondo Medical Team and the National Medical Committee, I am looking forward to this role. Our Taekwondo Medical Teams is dedicated to providing exceptional medical service and opinion.

Dr Duncan Murray

Specialist Emergency Physician
Special Interest Group (SIG) Manager - Transgender Policy

Duncan is a founding member of the medical committee and past Chairperson. He has over 25 years of Emergency Medicine experience and continues to train in Taekwondo. He has a genuine interest in Taekwondo being safe, fair and inclusive for all.

Dr Kelly Collins

Sports & Exercise Medicine Registrar
Member of Queensland Taekwondo Medical Team (QTMT)

Excited to be part of the medical committee. With over 10 years of experience in Sports and Exercise Medicine, I am thrilled to assist with medical coverage at both national and international levels. My special interest in research will help develop policies to ensure the safety of all involved. Let's work together to make Taekwondo safer for everyone!

Professor Celi Varol

Specialist Surgeon Urologist Independent Taekwondo Consultant
As a founding member of the medical committee and a lifetime member of the NSW Taekwondo Medical Team, Professor Celi Varol brings extensive medical experience and a passion for Taekwondo and is committed to providing exceptional care to all involved in the sport and offering unbiased expert opinion.

Dr Cheryl Oh

Medical Practitioner
Victoria Taekwondo Medical Team (VTMT) Manager

As a founding member of the medical committee, past Chairperson with over 10 years of medical experience and a Taekwondo athlete, I want to continue to see the committee thrive and ensure safety for our athletes, coaches, referees, officials and spectators.

Dr Reidar Lystad

Research Fellow / Macquarie Uni
Special Interest Group (SIG) Manager-Concussion Policy

As a founding medical committee member with over 20 years of medical and research experience, plus a Taekwondo background, my wealth of knowledge can contribute to the future development of Taekwondo protocols and policies. I'm also the Special Interest Group Manager for Concussion Policy. The awareness of concussion is important in Taekwondo.

Samuel Muller

Queensland Taekwondo Medical Team (QTMT) Manager, Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, APAM.
I am a Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist based on the Sunshine Coast. I have been working with Australian Taekwondo and as QTMT manager for almost two years. I look forward to continuing to work with the best Taekwondo athletes around Queensland and Australia.

Alan Cheng

Clinical Nurse (Emergency Nurse)
AUSTKD South Australia (SA) Board Director/ SA Taekwondo Medical Team Manager

With over 20 years of nursing, Alan currently works as a Clinical Nurse in the Emergency Department of a major tertiary hospital with first-hand experience dealing with many different emergency presentations.
Alan is the Head Instructor of Ohdokwan International Inc/ Cheng's Taekwondo in South Australia and holds a 7th Dan Kukkiwon and 8th Dan Certificate from the World Oh Do Kwan Taekwondo International (Korea). Alan has competed, coached and officiated as an official and referee at both State and National competitions. Alan hopes to bring with him and share his experience and ideas with the National Medical Board.

Dr Christine Sujung Bu

Medical Practitioner Female Liaison Officer
Dr Christine Sujung Bu has been practising medicine for over 10 years and was privileged to serve as the National Team Doctor. She's also had the incredible opportunity to attend the World Championship Muju 2017 and the Youth Olympic Qualification tournament in Tunisia 2018. Christine is honoured to be on the committee and seeks to see taekwondo as a safe and healthy environment for all.

Dr Yukyung Song

Osteopath / TCM Practitioner
Chair of AUSTKD Poomsae Advisory Committee / Poomsae Medical Advisor

As a former Poomsae athlete, current national coach and Chair of the Poomsae Advisory Committee, Yukyung has seen too many athletes leave the sport due to injuries. With over 25 years of experience in the sport, Yukyung understands the importance of sports medicine and injury prevention and seeks to work together to improve competition rules and keep athletes safe.

Lachlan McDonald

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, APAM. WA Taekwondo Medical Team (WATMT) Manager

As the newly appointed WATMT Manager, Lachlan is excited to bring his knowledge and eagerness for athlete development and safety to the Committee. Lachlan is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist based in WA working within Elite Sports (Rugby Union, AFL, Netball & Combat Sports),
He is highly passionate about athletic rehabilitation and is the lead of rehabilitation at a high-performance facility, focusing on pre/post-operative medical and rehabilitative management. Lachlan's experience within the medical teams of the Western Force Women's Side, South Fremantle Football Club and WA Cricket positions sees him push for more within the Australian Taekwondo space, knowing what is possible through collaboration and dedication to deliver a whole medical and athletic service to AUSTKD members.
We acknowledge that our office is spread across many traditional lands, and we pay respect to all traditional owners of these lands and elders past and present.