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Resources for Members

Resources for Clubs

Membership Application Forms

Download the appropriate form for the level of membership being sought.

Instructor Membership Form

Use the Instructor Membership Form to register your club and the Head Instructor.

Registration enables clubs to register students for state, national and international courses and competitions as either athletes or officials.

Registrations is inclusive or Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Sports Injury and Income Protection insurances. 

Student Registration Form

Use the Student Registration form to register club students.  This provides club students with Sports Injury, Public Liability and Income Protection (17+ years) insurances and access to state, national and internatioal courses and competitions.

Codes of Conduct

Australian Taekwondo seeks to provide a safe, fair, respectful and inclusive environment for everyone involved in our organisation and in our sport and to protect the integrity and reputation of Taekwondo in Australia. The ability for us to participate, compete, officiate and enjoy our martial art and sport requires a clear understanding of and compliance with certain standards of behaviour, known as our Codes of Conduct.

We require competitors, instructors, coaches, officials, referees, judges, administrators, parents/guardians and spectators to comply with these Codes when participating or attending any of our sanctioned events. 

Kukkiwon Certificate Application ®

Clubs must use these forms when applying for Kukkiwon Dan certificates. Please note that these forms are password protected and only accessable by registered Head Instructors.

Kukkiwon Application Requirements  ®

Instructors must ensure that applications for Kukkiwon Certificates comply with the requirements stated in the document below. If in doubt, please contact the Administration Manager on 1300 853 287 or email at

Kukkiwon Summary Sheet  ®

Examiners must summarise all application on this form and the contained information will be registered in the Australian Taekwondo Kukkiwon Database.

Kukkiwon Application Form

This form must be completed by the application and examiner and submitted with the Summary Sheet and the prescribed fee. 


Taekwondo Olympic Nomination Criteria

The Olympic Nominations Criteria details the process and criteria by which Australian Taekwondo will nominate athletes to the Australian Olympic Committee for inclusion to the Australian Olymic Team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games. 

The revised Olympic Nominations Criteria amended to recognise the postponement of the Games to 2021, was approved by the Australian Olympic Committee on 10 June 2020.

Taekwondo Paralympic Nomination Criteria

The Paralympic Nominations Criteria details the process and criteria by which Australian Taekwondo will nominate athletes to the Paralympic Australia for inclusion to the Australian Paralympic Team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games. 

The revised Paralympic Nominations Criteria amended to recognise the postponement of the Games to 2021, was approved by the Paralympic Committee on 3 August 2020..

Anti Doping Policy

This Anti-Doping Policy is adopted and implemented by Australian Taekwondo in accordance with the National Anti-Doping scheme which is contained in Schedule 1 to the Sport Integrity Australia Regulations 2020 (Cth), and in furtherance of combined ongoing efforts to eradicate doping in sport in Australia.

You can stay educated about Anti-Doping by downloading the ASADA Clean Sport App, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The App is a one stop shop for Anti-Doping which includes tools to find low risk supplements, check if a medication is banned in sport, complete a virtual reality testing mission, give ASADA feedback, report doping and more.

Affiliate Membership Policy

This policy provides the framework to create a membership category for Taekwondo organisations that operate multiple clubs or branches as separate business entities. 

Appeals Policy

This policy provides the framework to ensure that appeals against decisions of Australian Taekwondo are managed transparently.

Child Safe Sport Policy

Australian Taekwondo is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who are involved in our sport. Our policies and procedures seek to address risks to child safety and to establish a child safe culture and practices.

Child and Cadet Head and Face Contact Policy

This policy is to ensure the safety of Child and Cadet Division athletes in relation to head and face contact in sparring competitions. 

Find A Club Eligibility Policy  ®

This policy addresses the eligibility of Clubs to be part of the ‘Find A Club’ function on Australian Taekwondo website.

It determines the eligibility of a club, and its branches, to be featured in the ‘Find A club’ Function.

Life Membership

This policy sets out the criteria and process to nominate a commendable person for life membership of Australian Taekwondo.

Logo Usage Policy

To protect the Australian Taekwondo brand name, this policy sets out the approved usage of the AT logo.

Member Protection Policy

Member Protection is a very important part of the Australian Taekwondo’s activities. The ability for us all to compete, officiate and enjoy our martial art and sport requires a clear awareness of the responsibility we have to ourselves, our members and others around us.

Australian Taekwondo has formalised these basic tenets into a Member Protection Policy.

Visual Aids For Kyorugi Competitions

As there are no World Taekwondo regulations relating to wearing of visual aids, this policy seeks to provide clear guidelines for both athletes and officials in relation to wearing of visual aids in kyorugi competition. 

Travel Policy

To ensure that due consideration is given to the health and safety of AT athletes, coches, officials and employees undertaking such international travel.


The Constitution was amended at the Special General Meeting held on 26 May 2019. 

Member Insurance

Insurance Disclosure Statement

Australian Taekwondo as a company limited by guarantee has an obligation under the requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to disclose to members certain information pertaining to the insurance coverage that is provided as part of their membership fee.

Insurance Policy Wordings

Australian Taekwondo arranges our insurance policies with Sports Cover through our insurance broker, Instrat Insurance Bokers. 

Members can download the Player Accident Policy and the General Liability Policy to view the statements covering these policies.

In addition members can also view the schedule of cover afforded by the policies.

Insurance Claim Forms

Use these forms to submit a Sports Injury and/or Income Protection claim on through our insurers.

Merchandise ®

Use this form to order Australian Taekwondo branded merchandise such as Gup Certificates, Grading Books, Dobok Badges, Ties and Lanyards. 

Strategic Plan

The 2017~2020 Strategic Plan is our vision for One Taekwondo: unified, respected, successful and sustainable, and providing opportunites for all


Chairman's and CEO's Report and signed Financial Statements


Chairman's and CEO's Report and signed Financial Statements


Chairman's and CEO's Report and signed Financial Statements

Kyorugi Coaches

With the redevelopment of the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Education Framework, some coaches who were accredited in the former systems may be eligible to transition their accreditation to the new framework.

The Kyorugi Coaching Committee has determined that a Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) process will be available untill 28 February 2017 for eligible coaches to receive the AT NCAS Club Talent Coach accreditation.

The RCC applies if someone has previously successfully completed the requirements for an accreditation and makes an application to be assessed to ascertain that the competence has been maintained.

Kyorugi Referees

International Referee Pathways

This policy has been developed by the National Kyorugi Referee Committee to establish development, standards and clearly defined pathways for national level Kyorugi Referees to be recommended by Australian Taekwondo to the World Taekwondo (WT) to attend WT International Kyorugi Referee courses.

Maintaining Kyorugi Referee Presenter Accreditation

This policy has been developed by the National Kyorugi Referee Committee to establish clear guidelines for Referee Presenters to:

1. Maintain standards through continuing practice and professional development.

2. Ensure that Kyorugi Referee Course participants are provided with the most up to date knowledge.

Poomsae Referees

With the redevelopment of Australian Taekwondo (AT) NOAS Coach Education framework, some Referees who were accredited in the former system may be able to transition their accreditation to the new framework.

The AT National Poomsae Officiating Committee has decided that a Recognition of Current Competency process will be available for eligible Referees to receive the AT NOAS Referee accreditation. Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) applies if someone has previously successfully completed the requirements for an accreditation and makes an application to be assessed to ascertain that the competence has been maintained.

* Please note that Australian Taekwondo is waiving the administration fee for the processing of an RCC application until 31 May 2017 when this RCC process concludes.